Academic Publications


Luise Noring, Isabel Fróes, Ditte Tellgren: Contextualising mobility variables. Submitted to WIT Transactions, WIT Press. Status: accepted for publication.

Luise NoringNantke Garrelts: Cross-sector collaboration for refugee management in German cities: A case of refugee housing and labour market integration in Berlin and Hamburg. Submitted to Journal of Development and Change, Wiley.

Luise Noring; Urban Governance Impact on Project Delivery. Submitted to Urban Affairs Review, Sage Journals.


Luise Noring: Variations in the Public Asset Corporation: Lessons from Helsinki and Lyon. Submitted to Cities Journal, Elsevier.

Luise Noring: Public Asset Publication: A New Vehicle for Local Finance of Urban Development. Submitted to Cities Journal, Elsevier.


Expert and co-author, Luise Noring; Towards an EU research and innovation policy agenda for nature-based solutions & re-naturing cities. Final report of the Horizon 2020 expert group on 'Nature-based solutions and re-naturing cities' published by European Commission, DG-Research and Innovation. Read here.


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Herbert Kotzab; Luise Noring: 'Supply Chain Partnerships: A Question of Intra- and Inter-Organisation?' Paper presented at Annual Meeting of the Society for Marketing Advances, San Antonio, TX, United States. 2005.

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Awareness raising in mass media


Luise Noring; Julie Jo Nygaard; Partnerships for Improved Sustainability, Published by ICLEI Europe, In Press. Read here

Luise Noring; Bruce Katz; Innovation for Financing Urban Regeneration and Infrastructure. Lessons from Copenhagen, Hamburg, Helsinki & Lyon. Article published in The Fabrique de la Cité, 26. January. Read here


Bruce Katz; Luise Noring; The Five Kinds of Cities We’ll see in a Populist Era. Article published in The Atlantic, Citylab section. 30. January. Read here

Bruce Katz; Savvas Verdis; Luise Noring: Report by the Centre of Competence for Cities at Siemens, LSE Cities, Copenhagen Business School, and the Brookings Centennial Scholar Initiative: Governing city infrastructure: Who drives the urban cycle. Published the 24. October. Read here

Bruce Katz; Luise Noring: The Copenhagen City and Port Development Corporation: A model for regenerating cities. Research Report published on the Brookings Institution website. 1. June. Read here

Bruce Katz; Luise Noring: The Secret Copenhagen Model for Regenerating Cities Online article published on the website 23. June. Read here.

Bruce Katz; Luise Noring: Lessons for Detroit: Copenhagen unlocks value of public land to create public benefits Online article published on the website Detroit Free Press on 1. July.


Bruce Katz; Luise Noring: 'Why Copenhagen Works'. Article published on Brookings Institution website. 17. February. Read here.

Bruce Katz; Luise Noring; Nantke Garrelts: Cities and Refugees: The German Experience. Report published on Brookings Institution website. 18. September. Read here.

Bruce Katz; Luise Noring: 'In Europe, integrating refugees falls to cities'. Article published on Brookings Institution website. 13. June. Read here


Bruce Katz; Luise Noring: 'Europe for Cities'. Article published on Brookings Institution website. 17. August. Read here.


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