Dr. Luise Noring

Ph.D., Supply Chain Partnerships

CBS, Assistant Professor

EU, Horizon 2020 Project Lead & Partner

European Commission, Expert, Sustainable Urbanisation

Email: lno.msc@cbs.dk


Copenhagen Business School
Dalgas Have 15
Room 2v.086
2000 Frederiksberg

Personal Website:


Mobile: +45 4185 2040

Skype: luisenoring



Dr. Luise Noring has a background in supply chain management, including a Master in supply chain management and a Ph.D. in supply chain partnerships. For the past six years, Noring’s focus has shifted to include research into the complexity of cities homing in on understanding how cities are governed and financed. Noring’s research is applied and samples experience and learnings across predominantly European cities. Focus is on distilling best practices and developing methods and tools that allow for those practices to be adapted and adopted across cities. While most of Noring’s work is EU-funded, she has also been commissioned by the Brookings Institution, Siemens Cities, LSE Cities, and La Fabrique de la Cité, the philanthropic branch of Da Vince Group. With first-hand knowledge of field research into cities, urban challenges, and solutions, Noring has developed broad experience with global cities and city stakeholders.

Noring is an Assistant Professor, Research Director, and heads a team of researchers and project coordinators at Copenhagen Business School. She is an expert in sustainable urbanisation, renaturing cities, and nature-based solutions at the European Commission. Since 2016, Noring’s company, City Facilitators, has provided specialists with counselling on urban growth, governance, and finance.

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